inlingua School of Languages organizza corsi di gruppo (da 4 a 10 persone al massimo) in un ambiente confortevole e stimolante, dove ogni partecipante è seguito con attenzione.

Grazie ai Test d’ingresso inlingua assicura l’omogeneità di livello all’interno del gruppo; con i Test in itinere viene monitorato l’apprendimento durante il corso; infine, il Test finale verifica il livello conseguito al termine del percorso.

inlingua School of Languages agevola il monitoraggio dell’apprendimento individuale grazie all’ausilio di materiale didattico all’avanguardia basato sul Blended Learning, integrando la formazione in site con quella on-line.

Potrai verificare direttamente e autonomamente il tuo apprendimento, oltre ad avere un’interazione con il docente!

inlingua School of Languages holds regular group courses in an intimate, comfortable but stimulating setting. Numbers are kept low (from 4 to 10 people max) so that each student receives the attention they need.


Every student takes an entrance assessment to determine their starting level – this ensures that all students in the group are at a similar stage. To ensure you get where you need to be, the progress of each student is continually monitored via progress tests that are administered throughout the course.


The cutting-edge teaching method used at inlingua School of LanguagesBlended Learning, whereby classroom-based teacher-led tuition is augmented by extra autonomous on-line training – also ensures that both you and your teacher can keep an eye on how you are progressing.


At the end of the course, a final exam will show you the level of your achievement in black and white.